3 Different Payment Options To Consider
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3 Different Payment Options To Consider: With the growth of technology in every aspect of life in the world. It is not abnormal to see that people are now choosing the easier way to do things, especially in business. 

  Online business owners have come to realize that to have more customers, you have to make things less stressful for them. Otherwise, why would they choose an online service over a normal physical service? This is why online payments options are very necessary to online vendors, they are fast, secure, and quite easy to handle.

There is a wide range of online payment options to choose from as an online vendor, but this article will discuss the three most efficient and safe payment methods for online vendors in Nigeria.

3 Different Payment Options To Consider


            Paystack is currently one of the most popular payment gateways. Paystack helps different businesses grow, from startups to market-leading businesses by making it easy for them to secure payments from various local and global payment channels and they go on to provide tools to help these businesses retain their clients and customer and even go further to acquire a new one. 

         This platform is for sure one of the best to consider when it comes to online payment ventures, plus they have one of the best customer service platforms, that is there to help you set up a payment page without any issues.


If you have not heard of flutterwave then you need to come back to Nigeria with us, Flutterwave is known as the payment platform of bankers, this is because the platform was created by some bankers and it makes payment easier for banks and businesses across Africa. They take it a step further to integrate banks and payment service providers making it easy for businesses. Flutterwave prides itself on a 100% secured service. A service that has a lot of big names connected to it, because of its efficiency,

Some of the big names that use flutterwave are bigwave, uber. Nairabox

Interswitch Pay

  Interswitch is an integrated digital payments and commerce company that facilitates the electronic circulation of money in Africa. It is well known for its possible exchange of value between organizations on a consistent basis. A web merchant can receive online payment from cardholders via Interswitch WebPay or Webpaydirect.

There is though a one-time integration fee of N150,000

  and a 1.5%  charge for subsequent successful transactions. There is a catch to it, you can visit the interswitch page for more information.

     There is a lot of other online payment gateways, but these are the most used because they are frequently used by Nigerians. Unfortunately, in the mannerism of a lot of Nigerians, we still find it hard trusting online payment service BUT AS A ONLINE SERVICE VENDOR, you should be able to use at least all of these for those “just in case” moments.