5 best practice for remote work
5 best practice for remote work

5 best practice for remote work: As the culture of work changes and evolves into this technology driven machine, more companies, corporations and organizations began to see the need and importance for remote working.

Aside from breaching the gap of employment disparity between communities and cultures, it has also opened up an opportunity for these companies to access talents from any part of the world and be collaboratively productive despite the proximity in distance.

But also, it comes with few concerns that could mar this process or relationship especially on the part of the remote worker.

Being a remote worker means you are partly your boss and your reality check personality. The freedom to schedule your work time also comes with the responsibility of self-discipline at all times which occasionally gets the better of us. Without supervision, we are susceptible to the claws procrastination and fatigue.So, what do you do?

We have a list of 5 items you can infuse into your remote working routine or practice to always be productive and satisfied.

5 best practice for remote work:

Schedule your time to align with working time zone

If you are working outside your time zone, then you should always have it in the back of your mind that your work operates from a time zone outside the one you are living in. And this can be very confusing for many if they don’t properly align their realities and timing to your work environment.

I believe those are the criteria you get for taking an international job. Your effort is needed when work starts for them and your time zone will not be an excuse. Get a clock or set out a different clock, alarms and reminders that work towards reminding and directing you to complete tasks based on your work time zone.

Always outline goals for the day

It is important to always write down the goals or tasks you wish to achieve for the day first thing in the morning or the night before you go to bed.

What this does is, show you everything you need to be up to date or at speed with work. Having this will avoid you confusion and give you direction since there is no boss to tell you what to do next.

Never compromise on internet quality.

Yes! Coming from Nigeria, you know the internet service is not reliable. So, you have to identify the best suitable one for your environment and if possible, have alternatives just so you will be on the safer side. We have services that could give you at least 15mps. Internet work needs good internet connection. Don’t compromise.

Set targets for yourself

Visualize things you want to achieve for the week or the month. We already have tools for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help you track and measure your growth. You can see your progress and see if you need to re-strategize or do more.

Identify a work or productivity space

Many people don’t realize the importance of having an identified working space. For many remote workers, they have places where they feel more comfortable to be productive and produce volume of work. This might be for serenity or other reasons but having a workspace helps you get in a work mode and gather all items of work at a reachable proximity. This also helps declutter and reduce confusion.

So, are you practicing these already or you’ll start henceforth? Please do.Are you running a business and this process still seems wholesome to you?

We understand. Let’s get you a professional to handle any of your pending tasks if you click here.

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