Online Skills That Can Be A Lucrative Business: The economy is terrible especially this year that came with so many battles for us to fight but as crazy as it may have been, we definitely have learned some things. For example, the freelancers and remote workers had power over the normal workers who were used to their offices. Also, it showed us in the corporate world that there are certain lucrative online businesses that have been taken for granted.

That is why we are here to tickle you a bit more with pieces of information about these online skills that are lucrative enough for a business.



Just in case you have never heard of this abbreviation before, SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and the truth is a good number of people are actually making a living of this, writing for the internet and making sure whatever is written has a knowledge of the search engine optimization that is constantly changing.

To make sure, whatever it is you are writing for the internet gets seen by a good amount of people, using search engine optimization is the only way for that to happen. To always be informed about the constant change of the search engine optimization, you can always get notifications from legit websites like SEO 101.

Writing –

Online Skills That Can Be A Lucrative Business
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Online Skills That Can Be A Lucrative Business

When people think about being a writer, they think you have to release a book before hitting the writer’s status, and unfortunately, this is the myth of the writing profession that makes it underpopulated in Nigeria.

Writing as many branches that will be giving valuable income if treated with seriousness and commitments. There is; Technical Writing, Copywriting, and Content writing but amongst these three, Copywriting over the years has proved to rack in more income than the rest, but do not be discouraged by this because, if you are good in your field you definitely will be sorted out.

Web Developer –

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 These are the money makers of the internet, this is because they literally can choose to work in a company or freelance, making them work remotely while racking in the cash. Web developers design and create websites. They are responsible for how the site will look.

They are the ones filled with the responsibility of the technical aspect of the website, that is, the site’s level of traffic, it’s capacity and it’s speed. Basically, when you open a site and the internet, that site’s running is because of the work of the web developer and apparently, there are courses online for anyone to learn what they wish to learn about web development.

 These skills will definitely not just show up overnight, it would take learning and constant practice for it to be anything good, there are obviously a million more skills that can be a lucrative business, but we would continue this list in another blog posts.

 Do not forget to tell us the online skill that has been helping you pay the bills in the comment section and when you started it.

Online Skills That Can Be A Lucrative Business