Do you spend a lot of money on food?

 On a normal basis, the average Nigerian is likely to have a bad eating habit that involves reckless spending or unhealthy diet plans.


It is important that we recognize and operate based on this fact as we move through this article.

Eating out, especially in states like Lagos and Abuja comes with a certain level of extra expense and you are not even guaranteed quality meals. 

Almost any bachelor who finds himself scribbling for the time between work and personal life regularly gets the problem of getting consistently balanced meal plans. 

Less serious as it might sound, this tells about one’s physical outlook and even overall health rate. 

It’s already public knowledge that eating out on a regular basis comes with a financial weight that tells on your purse regardless. 

Two cents, an educational online show about finance is quoted to say:

“always eating out keeps you poor”

It sees millennials, especially spending more on restaurants than groceries or long-term Chefs. It leaves many with no savings or backup plan at the end of the month or year. 

Also, chances are the food in restaurants gets more expensive if you live in a high-class area. The higher the cost of real estate there, the higher the cost of food in restaurants around that area. 

From grocery shopping to cooking to dining out, these four tips and tricks can lower expenses and contribute to a lifestyle that’s healthier for the body.

Menu planning 

Planning your menu for the day or week gives you certain leverage and control over what you eat and how you go about it. It might be vague, but as soon as you start planning your meal menu, you’ll be more inclined to take charge of the preparation process. At the very least, it turns into a routine, and you cut down on eating out and unnecessary food expenses. 

Learn to make fast foods

Being a man is no longer an excuse for the inability to cook. Knowing how to prepare fast foods like noodles, egg sauce, spaghetti, and a few other items can cover your breakfast, help you cut down on eating out a lot, make for easy cooking, and save you more. 

Understand what works for you financially 

This is important in any aspect of life but it’s life-saving when you are able to strike a comfortable balance between your financial strength and your expensive cravings outside. 

Knowing what works and doesn’t hurt the pockets helps you a lot. 

Don’t be that person who goes out, takes extra people, and comes back home broke or in the worst-case scenario, your card declines. Washing plates is assured

Do Frozen meals

This is the best way of preserving food and even cutting down on expenses. 

Caterers map out meal plans as we do in Vhjobs. Meals and soups are made in the desired quantity to last you as long as you want and you preserve them by keeping them in the freezer and warm or in the microwave when ready to eat. 

Simple and cost-effective. 

On average, a meal in typical Lagos or Abuja restaurants costs you anything from N2,500 upward. Let’s say you only eat once a day which is unlikely and the delivery fee is not considered. 

2,500 x 30= N75,000 per month. 

A Vhjobs monthly package costs you N26,000 with a menu and meals of your choice. 

You do the equation to see why it’s a safer and more efficient bet to go with the Vhjobs meal plan. 

You deserve to eat well without spending so much. 

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