Want to make better outfit decisions and spin heads?

For most women, makeup and looking good usually come with the mood and the importance of the occasion. But regardless of what it is, you know when you want to impress that favorite person or create an impression on your crush or group of people.

We also understand the indecision that comes with picking an outfit, matching accessories, the venue, the distance, and many other elements. This gets overwhelming sometimes and affects the quality of the outfit you come up with. 

So, here we are going to talk about how you can plan your look and appear chic and generally attractive. So much so that you attract Mr. Right without trying too hard.

Stay with us as we share some tips that show you how to look elegant effortlessly.

As they always say, looking good is business and for that reason, you need to take everything about it seriously and plan it all through. 

Here are 5 steps to guide you through finding Mr. Right

  1. Have your makeup planned and sorted a day before

It is not even new knowledge that makeup takes a bigger chunk of time when getting ready, especially for a special event or occasion. So, it is important that you figure out your tone and level of makeup a day before. And if you require some professional help to get your makeup done, tell us @vhjobs on Instagram. We have something for you.

Basically, get your makeup right in order to avoid a disaster. 

  1. Figure out the venue/event

You don’t want to get all glammed up that day and start touring an entire area in search of a venue. That can ruin your day and makeup. 

Also, this is important because it helps you make an informed decision on what to wear. What you plan to wear for a beach hangout is different from what you will wear to a dinner date or a wedding reception. 

So, knowing the venue helps you make a better and more informed decision on what to wear and how to look.

  1. The dress code

You need to know if there is a dress code for the event. Dressing in sync with other attendees helps you sync with them and easily bond with your prospective Mr. Right. Wearing something different signals rebellion or less interest and for many people, it might be a turn-off.

  1. How do you want to look and feel

For us women, dressing comes with how we want to feel or express ourselves. 

Do you want to look sexy, glamorous, elegant, conservative, sophisticated, or any other way you feel?

This is important because it helps you form a mental picture of how you want to look and better informs or inspires your outfit choices.

If you plan on looking more glamorous, then wear a more attractive and glam color, a longer gown/dress with a more sophisticated neckline. If you want to look more conservative, then you cover more skin and so on.

It just has to rhyme with your mental picture, else you will e uncomfortable the whole day and it greatly impacts your ability to communicate with others.

  1. Length  of dress

Some people prefer shorter and some prefer longer dresses. But regardless, there are places where length matters. For the sake of comfort, wearing a short and wide dress to the beach is counterproductive as you will mostly find yourself fighting off the wind’s intrusion beneath. 

You won’t feel comfortable all through.

So, let us give you a glimpse of dress ideas to find your Mr. Right for different event types.







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