How To Get Clients

How To Get Clients

How To Get Clients: In a perfect world, the marketplace would be easy-going and customers would find sellers and service providers easily, there would be no doubts or competition, just sales, and more sales.

As much as every new seller has imagined this and would want this, we really don’t live in a perfect world, this is why when it comes to reaching the goal of getting clients and securing more profits for yourself in the marketplace, there are some steps that need to be taken for that to happen. 

Go Digital

  A lot of new entrepreneurs these days think starting a business is the hardest part, so after they launch their business they relax and get lazy. Being a seller means knowing your market and your competitors.

To increase your clients you have to know the common things that your potential clients like, where they are, what they mostly do!. Because it is no longer by owning a store or getting an office space.

With the internet, especially social media, you as a business owner can can make a lot of moves. You only need to do a market survey, check out your competitors online not to be envious of them but to learn.

Utilize social media, if you do not have enough knowledge on how to increase your customers and increase sales for your business, hire a professional digital marketer, and watch social media do its magic.

Discounts! Discounts!! Discounts!!!

 Being a new business is exciting and nerve-wracking, so to make sure your launch attracts potential customers. Do a little slash of the price for a particular number of your first customers or even for all your customers, you could get the discounts running for a few days, just enough time for word to spread about you.

    Discounts can be very effective especially when the customers know that product(service) usually goes for a higher price, so it definitely motivates them to buy more and to tell more people. So never underestimate the power of discounts.

Spread The Word

  As old fashioned as we all see it, it is definitely still as effective as it is old!. Never stop talking about your business, find ways to create compelling content that suggests your business every time. Tell a friend to tell a friend, suggest ways your business could help (try not being rude or intrusive).

Talk about it so much that when people see you coming, they refer to you as the person that owns this business, they’d say stuff like; ‘Anh! Na that Makeup Artist o’ or change your name to what you do ‘We invited Oga Caterer’. When people start doing this it’s because they identify YOU as YOUR business. So make sure to never stop spreading the word.

In the next blog post, we will be sharing more tips on how to get customers and increase sales for new businesses. Remember knowing it isn’t enough, so put in the work.