As a young man or bachelor, the worst impression you can make on a woman is having a dirty or untidy place. 

This is why even men who fall into the category of people who clean once in a while, automatically get into that rush hour cleaning mode when expecting a visitor. 

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you made the right first impression. The moment you falter in your consistency to maintain a clean home, you lose the attention of a woman gradually. 

But you don’t have to always be on high alert and be worked up every time you get a heads up for a visit. 

There are a couple of practices you can adopt to make sure you prepare your apartment to keep your girl coming. 

Come with us. 

Always tidy comfort areas after use

This is probably the most important and common one. Comfort areas like the bedroom, restroom, balcony, etc. These are areas where you come to for comfort or privacy. Regardless of your kind of relationship with your girl, she will definitely frequent these areas for comfort and it will speak directly of your level of hygiene.

So, whenever you use the restroom, make sure it’s clean before you leave. Make your bed whenever it’s scattered and clear the balcony of any litter. 

Keep furniture area free

The furniture and electronics area are among the major items of adornment in your sitting room, so why let it be messed up?

Make sure items like clothes, plates, pieces of jewelry, and trash are not found there.

This is simpler than it sounds actually. It’s just a basic decluttering technique in which you clear up whatever litter or trash after use. It is very easy but equally effective in making your life easier and appearing organized to your girl or lady ‘friend’ (we’re not judging) 

Always fold your laundry

This can do a lot in terms of clearing space and creating room for other items. Having your laundry sitting around exaggerates the level of litter and mess in your room which psychologically tricks you into thinking the task is huge but it isn’t. 

The best way to approach this is by folding them immediately.

If you have already been adopting one or two of these habits, you can add more to the list now and I assure you of a clean environment. Or better still, you can get an excellent cleaning service that caters to all these tasks and even deeper level cleaning at Vhjobs.

Don’t be that guy who loses cleanliness and in keeping a girl. 

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We are expecting you.