When hiring the service of a cleaner, there are a few things to consider before making a decision. One of them is the difference between deep clean and light cleaning.

You’ll want to understand the difference between a light cleaning and a deep cleaning service and how they cover several aspects of your home.

Depending on the scenario, most individuals can benefit from both methods of cleaning.


When you hire professional house cleaners for “light cleaning,” it involves every basic aspect of cleaning you do on a regular basis. A light clean is intended to aid in the maintenance of a level of cleanliness in your home.

These cleaning tasks are usually quick and easy to accomplish, but they are necessary to maintain your house free from dust, filth, and other waste.

When compared to deep cleaning, light cleaning is usually less expensive. Light cleaning comes regularly and is best done on a schedule because it is more about upkeep and consistency. At Vhjobs, our Light cleaning service is split into weeks of the month.

The Vhjobs light cleaning service comes with;

·         Ironing of up to 10 clothes

·         Washing of dishes

·         Laying of beds

·         Cleaning of up to 2 bedroom, 1 kitchen and 3 toilets

·         Cleaning and mopping of tiles

·         Window And Glass Cleaning

·         Wiping all surfaces

·         Dusting

·         Sanitizing bathrooms & Toilets, sinks & Oven

Generally speaking, your house always needs light cleaning regardless of the structure, pattern, size or house age. Light cleaning is required for maintenance.

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You don’t always need a deep cleaning service. It’s usually a once-in-a-while service.

When you move into a new house, you can start with a deep cleaning. This provides you a fresh start in your new house without having to worry about the dirt and trashed left by former occupants.

You can do it when moving out as well in order to provide a habitable place for the next person.

Many customers begin with a deep cleaning when opting for the service. You begin by keeping your entire house tidy and when regular cleanings begin, the cleaning service will be able to maintain the same degree of cleanliness that was achieved during the thorough cleaning.

Before hosting an event at your house, you can schedule a deep cleaning. Your furniture and appliances will not appear old or messy if someone takes a closer look.

Deep cleaning entails more than just picking up trash and wiping down surfaces. You often sanitize spots all throughout the house. Surface sanitization and disinfection can aid in the removal of bacteria that could make your family fall ill.

By getting rid of filth, dust, and other garbage, deep cleaning may make your house a healthier atmosphere. It also gives it a fresh, clean appearance and smell.

Deep cleaning takes longer than light cleaning, especially if you have a deep cleaning scheduled for your entire home. It requires a lot of attention to detail, which takes more effort.

Seasonal cleaning, or around one weekend deep clean every three months, is one way to schedule deep cleaning. Another approach is to break down your deep cleaning schedule into monthly or weekly tasks, and completing each at a time.

Our deep cleaning package at Vhjobs involves:

  • Sweeping and mopping of all floors
  • Dust and wipe all surfaces
  • Cobweb removal from all surfaces
  • Wash dirty dishes
  • Arrange furniture, lay beds and fold clothes
  • Polish all wood and glass surfaces
  • Disinfect and wash toilet and urinals
  • Empty and clean trash can
  • Scrape floors, walls and clean all surfaces
  • Clean internal and external parts of home appliances (Gas cooker, refrigerators etc)
  • Clean cupboards and cabinets
  • Exterior cleaning of the apartment
  • Ironing of up to 10 clothes
  • AC vents cleaned

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