How to leverage each social media platform

How to leverage each social media platform: First off, are you active on social media and which platform works better for your business platform.

How to leverage each social media platform

How to leverage each social media platform
Social media platforms

Over the course of our digital evolution and growth of content marketing on the various social media platforms, it is realized that each platform works differently and provides different values. 

So today, we are going to take a peak on how you can leverage each social media platform for different purposes, including why and how you would use them.


LinkedIn is majorly the corporate destination of experts on social media.

It is best used for networking professionally and getting your résumé out there.

If you are an expert or aspiring to be in a specific sector, LinkedIn is your best bet. 

The platform is structured to cater to job seekers, corporate networking and a portfolio holder. 

The more connections you make, the more visibility you and the more visibility, the more opportunities and access. 


Instagram can be used for building relationships with your following for future collaborations or even to get to know each other.

But it’s much more than that now as It is a large ecosystem of creators, businesses and information. 

Any kind of content can go on Instagram(well except X-rated) so long as you can identify your market niche and build a community around it. 

Your community is your audience and customer base. 

So, you need to create more content and feed your audience and the sky will be your limit. 


Twitter is mostly used for connecting with influencers, writing blog posts that will appeal to your audience, and driving people to your website.

The platform is mostly topical and operates differently from the last two. 

Infusing humor in your content and write ups increases the chances of having a viral tweet. 

The chances of going viral are pretty high compared to other platforms. Your engagement can supersede your follower count if there’s expertise, humor or truth in your content. 

This how influencers leverage on either sponsored tweets or create a promotion thread beneath a tweet that goes viral. 


Pinterest is used for driving traffic back to your website, driving sales back to your physical store, and increasing brand awareness. 

Pinterest is also a great place to build relationships with potential clients.


Facebook is best used for driving sales to your physical store with clickable ads, driving traffic back to your website with paid advertisements, getting people’s contact information through Messenger, and making an engaging and exciting page of content that will keep people interested.

Now remember, to get the most out of each of these platforms, you need to be using them more than once a day.

Consistency and originality are the key elements to making any strategy work on these platforms.

For your business to succeed on all these platforms, you will need a professional social media manager.

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