PLACE TO HIRE QUALITY TALENT: It is common knowledge that Nigeria is one of the most blessed African countries in terms of human resources, talent and overall creative contribution to the growth of the continent. Nigerians have thrived within and outside the shores of the country, across industries and capacities.

We are innovators, creators, fixers, amplifiers and a force to reckon with.There is this innate desire and will for excellence every Nigerian carries and it is overwhelmingly visible in our level of expertise and hardwork. In a Rice University research, it showed that Nigerians are the most educated group in the United States and in turn, contribute to a large amount of the productivity in the country. In the estimate of over 400,000 Nigerian U.S residents, over 300,000 were born in Nigeria.


The emergence of tech in Africa saw an overwhelming contribution from Nigeria and this came with a rise in skilled experts across fields like programming, web development, graphic design, production, digital content/copywriting, social media management and many more. This brought about the direct impact of Nigeria in birthing some of Africa’s foremost indigenous software and computer companies.

The hardware market got directly impacted as well with the creation of Africa’s biggest accessory market, called computer village. This contributed majorly in the growth of computer and mobile technicians within the state and country overall.

Lagos has been tagged as the ICT center and Silicon Valley of Africa with various events like Techfest, Art X, Social Media Week and more globally acclaimed events featuring skilled people, exhibiting the best of Nigerian innovations, ideas, skillsets and brands eligible to compete at global standards.

The Nigerian medical sector has an immense need and request for our practitioners outside the country and continent at large over the past decade. There are thousands of Nigerian doctors in countries like Canada, America, UK and many more scattered around the world.


Nigeria has the second largest movie industry in the world and this is as a result of the huge amount of skilled experts behind and in front of the camera, the impressive income generation it comes with, the job opportunity and growth of the population and global appeal to African creative content.

All of these are directly influenced by the innate ability and zeal of skilled Nigerian professionals to be productive, valuable and also overcompensate for the seemingly inadequate publicity we have around the world. Foreign brands and companies have recorded success growth in their businesses after hiring Nigerians and this makes Nigeria a place to look towards when hiring talents for jobs.

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