Get Good Customer Reviews

Get Good Customer Reviews: In today’s world service providers get 70% of work from their reviews and referrals. This means in a lot of ways working hard on the job is never enough especially when there are millions of customers out there who mostly do not give reviews because they are ignorant of the importance of reviews and referrals for service providers.

  Think of it for a second when you want to hire someone for a service you have previously never needed,  what do you do? call and ask a couple of friends or just use our internet friend google. That one minute of an excellent review can make a soon-to-be customer have trust in a brand they haven’t ever used and we all know when there is service there is the business to be done.

   If you ever forget the importance of these reviews, always put it in mind that your existing customers are the best sales and marketing managers you could ever get as a service provider.

Here are 4 easy tips to get those customer reviews.

Do an excellent job – Get Good Customer Reviews

 To have the confidence to ask for a good review from your customer, you actually have to give them the best service. So while working on every job, put it in mind that the outcome of this job is what would determine if you would have more jobs. Turning in your best work breeds confidence and every service provider needs to be filled with confidence or else would run the risk of being eaten alive by their customers and competitors. Lol, maybe not eaten alive but certainly crushed :).

Pick out the right moment to ask

  Ensure you are soliciting customer reviews at the right time. This can be extremely tricky because asking at the wrong time could breed various possibilities of negatives. So always watch out for moods and a lead on. For example, you could ask them when they are thanking you non stop for the excellent service, or when they have come back to repurchase or re-order your service, that alone is usually a good sign especially for customers that are not too much of talkers, the action of coming back already speaks wonders.

Questions & Feedbacks

 We feel that there is something attractive about a service provider that asks questions on ways to make their service(s) better. It creates a comfortable flow of communication between the customers and service providers. So ask those questions and if they are issues work on them immediately, nobody is perfect but the religious attempt to be is very convincing.

Ask the customer in person

 This is mostly for small and medium-sized service providers, DO NOT SEND SOME RANDOM GENERAL EMAIL ASKING FOR A REVIEW. This is very simple, there is a 90% chance that they would simply click and exist or not even click at all. There are 3 good ways to ask a customer for a review; a) you could do it in person when you see them. b) you could do it over a good phone call or video chat. c) you could send a personal text message.

                  One of these is bound to work, always remember to keep it simple and concise.

Every customer is special, so keep that in mind. Happy money making VHobbers 🙂