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As we evolve, the growth of the new era, with new realities to our living conditions, work culture readjust alongside.

Some lines of jobs have been flushed out of the market and existence. Some are struggling and hanging by thread to just align with technology.

These new set of skills presents opportunities for you as a skilled person.

In this article, Vhjobs outlines 10 of these skills and job titles that are highly sought after.

One thing to always consider is, there is always a need for the skills.

They are as followed:



As we get more acquainted with our computers, there comes a need to speak to the computer in a language best resonating to the system. This is done by creating computer languages that run as programs to help the computer execute tasks.

Possessing this skill involves the writing of codes, algorithms, analysis and a wide range of research to be productive at programming. It takes quite some amount of discipline and dedication to be versed in computer programming.

Programmers are amongst the most in demand experts in the corporate world now and they earn pretty high as much as six figures in a month.

As a programmer, you can work full time, remotely or even as a freelancer.

Data analytics

With the numbers being derived from customer engagement, patronage, feedback and human interaction, brands have always leveraged on the analysis of raw data from surveys and research in order to reach a proven conclusion backed by statistics and analysis.

 It cuts across descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analysis to help optimize the performance of businesses.

Data analysts are highly detail oriented and handle a very sophisticated arm of data collation. This is done in order to make better business choices and analyze market trends. 

They earn a very good income.

Graphic design

Graphic ddesign tools

Basic as it sounds, it’s impossible to even launch a brand, company or entity without the dire need for design at every point of the branding process.

A brand would most likely make first intentions or unveiling with a designed logo which represents the brand’s identity. Some of the top brands in the world have been reported to take this part as important as any other and they splurge hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to get logo and brand designs perfect.

Media campaigns, product launch, seminars, corporate events are more publicized on social channels with the aid of designs.

A graphic designer is a much needed skill in 2021.

Business Analysis

In most cases, practicing this would require a considerate amount of business expertise or even proven qualifications to back it up.

The service of a business analyst is needed to identify and analyze business systems and structure, requirements, growth plan and solutions.

This mostly involves strategy sessions geared towards meeting specific goals pursued by the brand.

Cyber security

One of the biggest human needs in all aspects of life is security. With security in these aspects, it opens the portal for a huge creative exploration and productivity.

While we move our activities digitally, we are also faced with invasion and cyber criminals and they have mastered the art of file manipulation; it is never spotted by a non-cyber security expert till the damage is done. This is why companies pay big bucks to have Cyber security experts to help fortify their systems and digital channels from intruders and cyber criminals.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been in existence for some years now but it has never dropped in value or potency as it always proves to be a passive arm of marketing for brands as they partner with external online marketers to market and sell their products with custom links in order to get a percentage of the profit.

As an affiliate marketer, you decide your work hours, preferred brands and income rate depending on your sales. You can make monthly six figures with the usage of a proven and trusted method. 

Content/ Copywriting

You are currently reading this E-book because there is a content writer seated somewhere in his assumed role as one, to write out this list and the content, in order to communicate the prospects and opportunities filled within these skill sets. 

Copywriting hinges on selling with written words, product descriptions and a mental commune with the sentiments of the prospective buyer or target audience.  

You can write freelance articles, blog posts, newsletters, white papers, listicles and so much more. These are responsible for over 90% of content you find when you Google anything.

You can decide your rates and work hours as well.


About a decade ago, the world got hit by a phenomenon and it took the world a couple of years to digest and understand the sophistication behind the idea and its profitability. Cryptocurrency engulfed the financial world in digital flames and Blockchain, a service that houses a crypto trading platform, coin charts, wallet and vital information.

It has been pretty volatile over the past few years and only a handful are well versed to navigate their way around the terrain. They are making a fortune and helping many people learn while they take a fee for it.

Understanding how Blockchain works already opens you to an earning opportunity. Getting commissions for students is a plus. 

Digital Marketing

There are high chances that you got to discover this article through a digital marketing web spread that spilled into your timeline or maybe you were just searching in the right place and bumped into it.

 Regardless of how it goes, digital marketing is the largest marketplace and a place where you can reach anybody in any part of the world. With just your digital marketing tools, proper demography and audience targeting and sellable content, you can do it. You can build your skills.

You can make as much money as the people you reach and convert.

 Artificial Intelligence

Well, we are talking about 2021 and there has to be no other year we have witnessed like this one. The year gives us an insight into what the future holds for us in terms of exploring the depth of human intelligence in machines.

It started quite subtly with the use of automation in almost all of our day to day services from the ATMs, the Apple personal assistant, Siri, the Tesla self-driving cars, new age robots and more.

All the above mentioned skills have been tested and proven to work countless times and you can make it work too. 

So, tell us have you identified anyone that makes a mark or interests you?

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