The knowledge of recognizing dirt and the ability to maintain cleaning and sanitize our environment is a gift humans enjoy and that is one of the major distinguishing features between us and animals. 

Owing to the recent changes in work culture and even life standards, we have worked or found ourselves spending more time at home in the past few months and this automatically affects our house maintenance habits.

Cleaning and keeping your environment clean can only work when it’s made to be a habit. There is a reason why we have both deep and light cleaning. The more often you keep to a minor maintenance routine, the easier it is to tidy your house and the more often it stays clean. When your house stays regularly clean, the easier and more refreshing your life gets.

We didn’t make the rules.

So, here are 5 important cleaning habits you need to adapt to make life easier for you. It has for us:

Find your most important and high traffic areas:

The most important areas differ depending on the people but in most cases, it is the high traffic areas where guests and people frequently pass or sit, like the front door, hallway, staircase, and other entrances. This is the first point of contact and impression for many people, so identify those areas and make sure it is tidied more often. Casually clean the areas every morning. It doesn’t have to be very deep and thorough so long as it is frequent.

Find a balance between work and house maintenance

Some of you want to maintain the routine of minor cleanings but find it difficult to keep up because work takes up more time or in the case of working at home, you litter your work stuff over other areas like the dining table, the sitting room, the bed and so on. 

Create a separate workspace specifically structured for work and you keep every work-related item there. Also, create a schedule that separates work and house chore time.

Always tidy comfort areas after use

This is probably the most important and common one. Comfort areas like the bedroom, restroom, balcony, etc. These are areas where you come to for comfort or privacy. Depending on your relationship with others, they might come there for comfort as well and it speaks directly of your level of hygiene.

So, whenever you use the restroom, make sure it’s clean before you leave. Make your bed whenever it’s scattered and clear the balcony of any litter

Keep furniture area free

The furniture and electronics area are among the major items of adornment in your sitting room, so why let them be messed up? Make sure items like clothes, plates, jewelry, and trash are not found there. This is simpler than it sounds actually. It’s just a basic decluttering technique in which you clear up whatever litter or trash after use. It is very easy but equally effective in making your life easier.

Always fold your laundry

This can do a lot in terms of clearing space and creating room for other items. Having your laundry sitting around exaggerates the level of litter and mess in your room which psychologically tricks you into thinking the task is huge but it isn’t. The best way to approach this is by folding them immediately.

If you have already been adopting one or two of these habits, you can add more to the list now and I assure you of a clean environment. Or better still, you can get an excellent cleaning service that caters to all these tasks and even deeper level cleaning at Vhjobs.

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We are expecting you.