Vhjobs professional services

We, as humans, developed and evolved this far because of a diverse set of skilled people who have used their expertise in building and serving a consuming populace.

You need a skilled individual for one task or the other, either as a business person or entrepreneur, a house owner, a busy person, or more.

Hiring personal or professional service providers is not usually an easy task because it requires a lot of effort, time, money and skilled hands to oversee the entire process.

This is where the problem always lies and where many people or businesses end up hiring unqualified candidates who affect overall company growth or pose a risk to the employee.

There are so many things that could go wrong with hiring the wrong or unqualified candidate and you don’t have to find out by being a victim.

After a careful, data-backed observation of the talent pool and hiring flaws in Nigeria over the past few years, Vhjobs took up the responsibility of proffering a solution and creating a system that works.

Vhjobs is a multi-faceted platform dedicated to serve clients with a variety of needs while also providing work opportunities for skilled and approved service providers.

We connect individuals and business owners to quality and affordable professional service providers across skill sets to serve their personal and professional needs. Basically, Vhjobs make life easier.

Our operations or company structure is divided into features and segmentations.We have:

Classic services: classic services are premium services with extra benefits, created to save you the stress of the negotiation and review process with a service provider or a long search through the robust list.

With Classic service, you get connected to a vetted professional. The price tag is also attached to each service and package. You basically do nothing and let Vhjobs handle the work for you.

The classic service is split in two categories.

1. Personal services

2. Business services

Personal services are the skill sets you need for your personal care and maintenance, like cleaning, cooking, driving, makeup, photo-shoot and more.

Business services are the ones needed for your business and professional tasks like: graphics design, copywriting, web development and more.

Vhjobs takes care of needs across services like:




Mobile chef


Mobile Errand


Car servicing

Mobile Nannies


Psychotherapy service



Vhjobs provide highly trained, vetted and screened service providers or talent for your business or personal needs.

We help businesses and individuals identify and recruit professionals and proper fit for hiring.

We have operated across several Nigerian states like Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, Portharcourt, Ibadan and more. We have served multitudes of clients for the past few years and the quality of our feedback and testimonies haven’t dropped.

So, do you have any tasks you would like us to handle? Click here.